On Saturday, September 26th, Tatiana “Tia” Turner was arrested at the March 4 Equality protest in Yorba Linda, an event that she helped organized to bring attention to the rise of hate crimes in Orange County as well as systemic racism, police brutality, and the thousands of fatal shootings by police in the United States over the past three years.
Before the protest could even start. As they waited for people to come. Some were making signs. And some were just standing around talking and waiting, when an angry mob of counter protesters gathered and set up across the street, screaming violent and racist chants. As the counter protestors grew more aggressive, the Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies retreated, in their words, fearing/ allowing the situation would escalate. Which it did.
Counter protestors crossed the street and swarmed the small group of March 4 Equality attendees. After being followed threatened, pushed, pepper sprayed and harassed by violent counter-protestors. Who have also been confirmed as being a part of far right militia and racist groups like Rise Above, Proud Boys, Quanon, 3% Percenters and others. Tia got in her car and attempted to leave, but she was surrounded by an angry, racist mob who tried to drag her out of her car. Counter protestors beat her car with signposts and broke her front and back window out, screaming to each other not to “let the bitch get away.”
Footage from the protest shows a counter-protestor taunting “good luck getting out of here.” Deputies did nothing to intervene while Tia and dozens of other protesters were assaulted by the group carrying Trump flags. Tia’s front and rear windshield was shattered, and she tried to move her car forward, fleeing in terror. Two of the counter-protestors who were attacking her did not step out of the way and were accidentally hit.
The Orange County District Attorney, who an Orange County judge recently ruled had violated the racial justice act by impermissibly and openly relying on racist prejudice in deciding how to charge another case against a Black man, charged Tia with attempted murder and 13 felonies.
Please help us bring awareness to the case of TATIANA “TIA” TURNER. She is a 40-year-old black female activist and founder of Long Beach Based nonprofit #caravn4justice who is now facing life in prison after what happened in Yorba Linda. No one died or sustained life-threatening injuries.
All videos show the Trump flag bearers were the aggressors. One of the alleged victims is also being charged for bringing a weapon to the protest which she had in her hand right before the incident.
Tia has been pivotal in shaking up systems of racial injustice in OC and LA. Videos show what Tia and others were facing and how Todd Spitzer is trying to lock Tia into the system for life. Orange County Sheriffs failed to protect her or the group she was with, based on racist bias, and now the Orange County DA is trying to put her in prison for LIFE Although she didn’t die, Life in prison is the same as death. We are calling on our community to support Tia because the system won’t.
Please reach out by email or text anytime if you’d like to help with the #freetia campaign. If you have some time to volunteer or would like to discuss how you can help amplify her story. Please drop us an email 24 hours 7 days a week. Someone will get back to you very promptly. #Caravan4justice
Thank you for your time,
On behalf of Tatiana Turner
Written By: Robin B.
CLICK HERE(https://youtu.be/zf6QJIBlQcY)CLICK HERE(https://youtu.be/MZM1708gO2c)BLOG FOR TIA (http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2021/04/free-tatiana-turner-is-orange-county-waging-a-war-on-black-lives-matter/)*** So what can you do to support this vital, life-long activist?
•Call DA Todd Spitzer and demand Tia's release•Donate to help Tia pay Tia's inordinate bail, keep money on her books, and pay for her personal effects

Demand District Attorney Todd Spitzer drop all charges against Tia!


Help Tia fight her case !!! She is in URGENT need of a lawyer for her Los Angles case where they are trying to give her an additional 15 years !!!**

To learn more about the events leading up to Tia's arrest and unlawful incarceration, visit our home page: freetia2020.com

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